Homes built in the 1970s are not without their charm, although they can often benefit from a few cosmetic upgrades and exterior alterations. Finding the right window shape, style or design is often essential for ensuring that exterior renovation projects are met with greater success. Finding just the right window installation can make modernizing your 70s home that much easier.

Full Round Windows

The designs trends that dominated the 1970s were nothing if not distinctive. Using full round windows, or even half eyebrow designs as an accent, can help to soften the hard lines of your home. Electing to adopt a more eclectic exterior aesthetic rather than a complete transformation can often be the most budget-friendly way to modernize your home.

Half Ellipse

The porthole look of a full round window can often be a little too bold. A half ellipse can be the ideal compromise, one that helps to soften the overall look of your home’s exterior without straying too far from a more conservative and established aesthetic. A half ellipse or eyebrow window can also make for a great accent or allow you the volume of natural lighting within an interior room or environment.

Round Top with Extended Leg

Round top windows can add a little rustic charm to your home’s exterior and are a popular window replacement option for homes that were built in the 1970s. Contemporary without being too flashy and rustic without feeling quaint, this style window is versatile enough to work with a wide range of siding options and color schemes.

Triangle, Trapezoid and Pentagon

Softening your home’s exterior is not the only way to go. Playing up on the hard lines and angular corners of the existing design can also work. Installing a series of triangle, trapezoid or pentagon window can help to lift the overall design aesthetic out of the past in order to create a more distinctive and eye-catching look.

Quarter Round with Extended Leg

Soft lines and corner windows can go a long way towards modernizing the look and feel of an older home. While round top windows are versatile enough to work as either a stand-alone installation or as part of a bank of windows, quarter round installation can allow you to extend the motif along exterior corners. Sunburst, double-sunburst and colonial styles provide a range of options that will help your corner windows to better accent the overall theme of your exterior renovations.

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