Unless you're an entomologist, you probably want to keep bugs where they belong: outside your home. Unfortunately, pests are crafty, so even when you think you're one step ahead, somehow, they find a way to come inside.

And while it's not uncommon to encounter an ant here or there, the last thing you want is an infestation of pests that think you are now roommates. But if you’ve looked around and still aren’t not sure where your new tenants are coming from, here are five places they may be gaining entry.

In Your Luggage

As wonderful as going on vacation is, bringing home bed bugs is not. Unfortunately, bed bugs are quite common, especially during tourist season. Before packing up and heading home, make sure to seal all clothes, bedding, and towels in a tightly sealed bag and wash in hot water when you get home. Even better, take everything to the laundromat for an extra layer of security.

Through The Roof

When you think of places pests can gain entry, most people think about the cracks around their windows and doors. However, pests can also enter through your roofing as well. Depending on the type of roof you have and the condition that it's in, termites and other kinds of pests can easily slip inside and make their way through your home. If you suspect pests are getting in through cracks in your roof, talk to a roofing contractor in your area, like Handyman Roofing.

Up The Drain

Some pests also love to take up residence in your plumbing, specifically the drain. Roaches and other types of unwanted house guests love when your drain is clogged. The worst part is that you often won’t know they’re there, because they wait until night to come out. As soon as you turn on the light, they scare the living daylights out of you. Always make sure you clear any clogs you have and if necessary, enlist the help of a plumber.

In Your Grocery Bags

When you go grocery shopping, the last thing you want is to bring creepy crawlies home with you. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you know. Bugs love to hide in dark spaces and it's not uncommon for them to take up residence in plastic bags. If you choose not to bring your own reusable bags, always check the bottom of the bag before you start loading your groceries.

Keeping pests at an arm's length doesn't need to be stressful. In addition to routine inspection, make sure to seal any cracks and crevices you find around your home. Most importantly, don't wait until there’s an infestation; if you see one pest, there’s almost always more.

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