Maybe you have lived in your home for decades and it’s time to update the design and make the space more livable. Perhaps you have recently purchased a new home and are ready to really make it your dream home. Or maybe, the space in your home just is not as functional as it once was (when you were not working from home indefinitely…). Before you start the process of finding an architect, a contractor and a designer, ask yourself these questions to make sure you are ready. 

What are your most significant pain points in your current home? 

You may be thinking, “I want a new kitchen,” but without thinking about your paint points, you may get a beautiful kitchen that still doesn’t work for you. So, ask yourself why you want a new kitchen, bathroom, living space, etc. Maybe you are not as mobile as you used to be and the narrow space between the sink and oven have made it difficult to maneuver your baking pans. Or maybe you love to entertain, but the wall between the kitchen and dining area prevents you from participating in your parties. List these pain points and make sure you talk about them with your contractor and designer. 

What “oh yeah” expenses might there be and do you have the budget for them? 

“Oh yeah” expenses are those items that you don’t usually think about when you think, “remodel,” but become necessary to complete your vision. Vent covers and light switch covers are examples. A beautifully re-textured and painted wall might not look the same with your original, yellowed light switch covers. Interior doors and door hardware, towel racks and bathmats are additional examples of these smaller expenses that can add up. 

Is it realistic to live in your home while your remodel is underway?

Do not underestimate the inconvenience of living in your home without access to your kitchen, bathroom and shower, front door, etc. While many contractors take steps to minimize the impact of a remodel as best as they can on live-in owners, the noise, dust, lack of water or electricity, etc. can have a significant impact on you and your family. If you are not going to stay in your home, do you have a place to go? Will you be able to stay there if the project takes longer than anticipated? 

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Olga Lockhart, Marketing Manager for Pathway Design & Construction, researches, analyzes, and writes about these key topics: Universal Design, Aging in Place, Northwest building & Seattle remodeling trends, air quality issues, and solutions, during construction. She's also willing to chat about travel and culture out of the office.