How implementing universal design in your home will transform your life for good

Welcome to Pathway Design and Construction Blog! Currently based out of Seattle, WA, we are a fast-growing home remodeling company invested in the art of healthy home remodeling including universal design, aging in place, green building, and sustainable design. If that mouthful sounded overwhelming, don’t panic just yet! Simply put, you’ve found the perfect little…

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5 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Universal Home Design

woman laying on a deck outside with plants

From work from home offices to a newfound desire for private outdoor spaces, the pandemic is changing the way we think about universal home design.  Here are 5 ways home designers are adjusting their approach:   Increased Interest in Functional Space When it comes to home remodeling, functionality is just as important (if not more)…

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Functional, Healthy Home Remodeling Trends in the New Era

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We’re tired of staring at the same four walls, and the home remodeling industry reflects that. Home remodeling is poised to grow 5% in 2021 with King and Pierce county among the nation’s highest spenders. Here are a few reasons why: Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue real estate is projected to increase 9.7% in 2021, the 2nd highest in…

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What You Must Know About a Universal Design Kitchen Remodel

Focusing on universal design during a kitchen remodel ensures it’s functional and usable for everyone, regardless of mobility or ability level. But what is universal design and how can you incorporate it into your kitchen remodel? Here’s everything you need to know to make your kitchen as accessible as possible.  What is Universal Design? The…

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Aging in Place: Modify Your Home AND Increase Home Value

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Modifying your home for aging in place can often leave it feeling like a sterile hospital. But the whole point of making the modifications is so loved ones can feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home. Luckily, there are some key modifications that can not only make your home much more functional but also…

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What does it mean to design for aging in place?

Simply put, aging in place means choosing to stay in your home as you age and your abilities change, rather than moving into senior living housing. Many people choose to stay in their homes because they are close to their community, family and friends; they are comfortable in their home and have many memories there;…

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