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5 Energy Efficient, Money Saving Remedies for Your Home

With house and energy prices rising, you might be looking for ways to save money and add value to your home. There are two things you need to consider on this front: products installation Remodeling does not have to break the bank, as long as you make sure to choose the right contractor and products.…

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Q&A with the Owner of Pathway Design & Construction

Having received the Service Excellence  Guildmaster Award* for the second year in a row, we’ve been getting a fair number of questions about how Pathway manages to keep our clients so happy that they score our work so well in reviews. There are no tricks, just a few solid basics. So, we thought there was…

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What Does it Take to Remodel a Basement?

Housing in Seattle is tough: some homes are small and cramped with very little space to expand. If you have a growing family and moving is not an option, remodeling is often the go-to solution. If budget and the City allows, some ambitious homeowners will opt to tackle addition projects, but for those who want…

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An Introduction to OSHA & Silica Law

Are you a homeowner embarking on a new remodeling project? This post is for your health-awareness and education. ​Sure, reading about regulations and laws is hardly ever exciting… but understanding the requirements will ensure that your health is not neglected. First off, what is OSHA? The department of labor administered the Occupational Safety and Health…

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How To Reduce Your Energy Bills

INSULATION ESSENTIALS AND # 1 MATERIAL WORTH THE INVESTMENT How much of your home’s energy bill is wasted? Just take a guess. Did you guess anywhere between 40%-60%? According to the US Department of Energy about half of a home’s energy is wasted when it is under-insulated and improperly air-sealed. ​ HOW TO REDUCE YOUR ENERGY…

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How Not Spread Dust When Drilling

Need to update your bathroom with new fixtures? Dreading of making a mess with your drill? Want to reduce your cleanup time? ​​Dust is everywhere, all the time. But during a remodeling project, it’s particularly abundant — and potentially hazardous. ​ “Construction can produce inhalable respirable particles that are regulated pollutants; they’re unhealthful, so it’s…

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