How your home remodel can affect your health (and what you can do about it)

Undertaking a renovation project is stressful enough without having to consider the effects that a large-scale home remodel can have on your family’s health. Fortunately, Pathway Design and Construction knows exactly how to keep you and your loved ones protected during this time of change.

Home remodeling can be so exciting! The anticipation of a new space, the smell of fresh paint and the sound of construction can make for an exhilarating experience. However, if you don't handle it correctly, home remodeling can also cause more harm than good. Particularly in the case of older homes, undertaking a renovation project without the proper precautions in place can expose you and your family to a number of health hazards.

Our homes are notorious for harboring numerous hidden hazards, from lead and asbestos to radon and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Older homes, in particular, are known to contain higher concentrations of these and other toxins, which can easily be stirred up and made airborne in the midst of construction.

Be aware of the health risks of remodeling an older home

Many homeowners cherish the dream of buying an outdated “fixer upper” and transforming it into the family home of their dreams. What many don’t expect to have to deal with is the reality of a variety of health hazards that go hand-in-hand with the renovation of an older home. Just a few of these hazards include:

Black mold and mildew: as walls are opened up during the demolition phase of your home remodel, previously hidden mold and mildew may be exposed. The action of taking these walls down may also stir up hazardous spores and release them into the air, where they can be inhaled by family members and pets.

Lead paint: paint manufactured before 1978 (the year the ban on lead paint was enacted) is still present in many homes. While it might not be visible, there is a risk that you could inhale or ingest tiny lead particles when prepping or painting surfaces covered with this paint. Repeated or prolonged ingestion of lead has been proven to play a role in diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Asbestos: asbestos may be found in a number of places, especially in older homes. Because asbestos is fire-resistant and durable, it was used as insulation in wall covering, flooring options and pipe covering up until the 1970s. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can pose serious health risks if they are disturbed or damaged, so you'll need to enlist the help of specially trained professionals to help you remove them safely.

The Pathway difference: renovation that results in a healthy home

At Pathway Design and Construction, our team of sustainable builders does more than simply shield your family from the hazards of a home remodel. We work proactively to create a healthy home that will allow you and your family to thrive for generations to come. We do this by approaching every home remodel with caution, particularly in the case of an older home. In the event that we are unable to identify a substance that is present in your home, we will order the appropriate tests in order to confirm that what we find will not pose a potential threat to your health.

We capture and minimize dust as far as possible throughout the renovation process in order to protect your family’s airways, and we do a thorough investigation before we disturb old paint or break through old drywall. By making use of low-VOC paints and finishes such as TruColor RapidCure, a water-based urethane grout that delivers excellent results without compromising your family’s respiratory health, we are further able to limit the amount of harmful fumes inside your home.

By abiding by the principles of universal design, we are able to make your home an accessible and comfortable space for all. We rely on natural alternatives to chemical-heavy man-made materials such as insulation. Insulating with wool and hemp produces great results while cutting down on the amount of synthetic materials in your home.

We are also committed to ensuring that your HVAC system is updated and in good working order. Dirty or inefficient HVAC systems introduce harmful germs into the air that your family breathes, which is why it is so important that this system is clean and working at maximum efficiency. Lastly, we harness the power of natural light to maximize your home wellness, saving you money on lighting while making positive contributions to your mental health.

How Pathway can help you to avoid the health risks of a home remodel

  • Older homes present special risks and renovating without proper precautions can expose you to asbestos, lead paint and mold.
  • When your remodeling project exposes hidden spaces, you risk freeing mold and mildew spores that exist in your home. These may be stirred up during the demolition process and released into the air where they can then be easily inhaled by family members and pets.
  • While it might not be visible, there's a risk that you could breathe in lead particles and ingest them when prepping or painting surfaces covered with lead paint.
  • Asbestos may be hidden in the walls of your home, especially in older buildings. ACMs, or asbestos-containing materials, were common building materials until the 1970s, and include floor tiles, wall coatings and piping. These materials can pose serious health risks if they're disturbed.
  • At Pathway Design and Construction, our belief is that a healthy home can enhance your quality of life — from relieving allergies and asthma to reducing stress. Our team of experts take a careful, proactive approach to your home remodel, focusing on green building materials and sustainable design that allows you and your family to live healthier for generations.

Time for a home remodel? Contact the certified sustainable builders who have your family’s best interests at heart.

At Pathway Design and Construction, we take the art of renovation to a whole new level. Not only do we create beautiful, efficient spaces that enhance your in-home environment and aesthetic, but our expert team of sustainable builders works aggressively to preserve your family's wellbeing throughout the home remodel process. When it comes to renovating responsibly, you can place your trust in the team that places your family’s health first!

Improve your home without affecting your family’s health.