5 Upgrades You Should Consider

If you turn on the hot water faucet only to be met with a chilly trickle, it might be time to trade in your old hot water tank. No one likes a cold shower, but replacing your water heater is a chance to enjoy new features and improve your home’s efficiency. Whether your current unit is old, malfunctioning or you just want a new one, here are five upgrades to consider.

Thermal Expansion Tank

Hot water tanks include a pressure relief valve for safety, but the water that spills out of that valve goes straight down the drain. Upgrading to a thermal expansion tank provides plenty of room for pressure relief without wasting heated water so you save water and energy. An expansion tank can also help your heater last longer by reducing wear on valves and seals.

Braided Steel Supply Lines

Your water heater’s flexible supply lines are a cause of poor water pressure that is often overlooked. The cheap galvanized lines that come with your unit are prone to building up mineral scale, which reduces pressure in your hot water pipes. Consider an upgrade to braided steel supply lines with reinforced nylon tubing to improve your morning shower.

Tankless Water Heater

One of the best upgrades you can make to your hot water system is a tankless water heater. These units use much less water and energy than traditional hot water tanks and free up space in your utility room. Putting in a tankless water heater is too complicated for a do-it-yourself project, so Consult a qualified professional like Clearwater Plumbing to make sure your unit is installed safely.

Recirculating Pump

Do you want to eliminate hot water wait times without the expense of a tankless water heater? Another option is a recirculating pump. Affordable and easy to install on any existing water heater tank, a recirculating pump delivers instant hot water to all your faucets and reduces your monthly water usage.

Flush Kit

Manufacturers recommend an annual flush of your hot water tank to clear out minerals and debris, but that’s easier said than done. Simplify this maintenance task by investing in a flush kit. You can find flush kits for both water heater tanks and tankless models.

Do you need to replace a water heater but your budget is tight? Don’t worry. There are many thrifty options like purchasing a gently used model, shopping wholesale warehouses or repairing your old unit to get a few more months out of it.

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