On October 26- 27, 2018 Pathway Design & Construction is attending the NW EcoBuilding Guild  Green Building Slam & Summit.

P.S. We were on the Committee and helped organize this event!
Will we see you there?

More about the events:

Green Building Slam

10 SPEAKERS, 10 MINUTES, 10 SLIDES: A simple idea, started years ago, has transformed into one of the most fun and inspirational green building events of the year. An opportunity to learn about 10 innovative, sustainable, high-performance “green” buildings that push the envelope in our built environment. Projects range from residential to multi-family to mixed use developments in the Seattle area.​Each of our juried 10 presenters have just 10 minutes to show us 10 slides of their exciting project as they explain what they learned, what they would do differently, and any other sustainable contributions that their project has made to our local community. Each presenter is an active member of the NW EcoBuilding Guild, has been trained by a speech coach, and is excited to share their project with the masses. The event typically attracts architects, builders, homeowners, energy efficiency experts, real estate professionals, interior designers and eco-conscious people.

Green Building Summit
This event takes place on October 27th and is a day of sharing, chatting, toasting and note-taking. An opportunity to step outside your daily routine, get inspired by our fantastic speakers, and connect with sustainable building professionals from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We are looking forward to learning from one another, sharing best practices, and re-energizing our vision to drive the green building movement forward.


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Olga Lockhart, Marketing Manager for Pathway Design & Construction, researches, analyzes, and writes about these key topics: Universal Design, Aging in Place, Northwest building & Seattle remodeling trends, air quality issues, and solutions, during construction. She's also willing to chat about travel and culture out of the office.