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4 Main Health & Green Building Benefits For Homeowners

There has been a lot of talk around “healthy” and “green building” practices for years now, but what are the actual benefits? THE MANY BENES ​Besides benefiting the environment, the builder and the community at large, green building and remodel projects give the homeowner the following: better durability of the overall completed project energy savings water savings and,…

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Aw Rats, We Have Bats!

“This was supposed to be the new house we wouldn’t have to work on or fix anything, as it appeared that the previous owners had taken a good care of the home” – shares Paul Kocharhook owner of SODO-based Pathway Design & Construction. Did you know that bat colonies are living throughout Greater Seattle’s rural areas?…

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How Not Spread Dust When Drilling

Need to update your bathroom with new fixtures? Dreading of making a mess with your drill? Want to reduce your cleanup time? ​​Dust is everywhere, all the time. But during a remodeling project, it’s particularly abundant — and potentially hazardous. ​ “Construction can produce inhalable respirable particles that are regulated pollutants; they’re unhealthful, so it’s…

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Smells in Your Home

In this video, Paul covers the stinky subject of smelly homes! He covers some common places to search for unpleasant odors such as your bathroom, garbage disposal, dishwasher, refrigerator, carpet, and crawlspace. Further Reading: 7 House Smells You Should Never Ignore This blog posted by Readers Digest, describes ways of identifying odors and explains how…

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Remodeling

In this video, Paul reveals home upgrades that can lead to a healthier lifestyle for clients with multiple chemical sensitivities. Further Reading: What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)? This website covers various aspects, questions, and concerns that MCS presents. Volatile Organic Compounds’ Impact on Indoor Air Quality This article explains what Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)…

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