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Amazing Additions For Your Custom Home Design

Sustainable and universal homes are the trend nowadays as more and more homeowners gravitate towards eco-friendly, multigenerational housing designs when building or remodeling. These concepts are especially popular among the younger generation who are keen on cutting household expenses and or plan on having their aging parents move in with them. As it turns out,…

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Eco-Friendly DIY Pest Control in Seattle

The word “pest” goes back centuries to the Latin term pestis, meaning plague. Pests bring pestilence, disease, and destruction on small and large scales. At the very least, a nuisance, some pests can become serious health threats if left unchecked. But you can get rid of them and other rodents with eco-friendly DIY pest control.…

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Paul presented at the NW EcoBuilding Slam

Paul Kocharhook was invited to present at the Green Building Slam organized by the NW EcoBuilding Guild! The presentation focused on the story behind the Lake Washington Carriage House that Pathway remodeled back in 2018. A little about the remodel: A modernized small home that was originally built as a carriage house. Heated floors, a…

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Pathway showcases Greenlake Addition and Kitchen Remodel

Pathway was proudly selected to showcase one of their recently completed second story addition and kitchen remodel at the annual Remodeled Homes Tour presented by the Remodelers Council of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties. Every year, the Remodeled Homes Tour invites visitors to experience firsthand the finest craftsmanship and most innovative…

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