Warm weather will be here soon, and you may be eager to use your AC as soon as the temperatures start climbing. If your air conditioner is relatively new or in good condition, you can probably count on it to last through the summer. But to get the most benefit and longest use from your unit, take the following steps before and during the summer season.

Schedule a Pre-season Maintenance Appointment

Before the weather turns warm, have your air conditioner system inspected along and any needed maintenance provided by an HVAC professional. Parts that are wearing out can be replaced before they break, and signs of wear and tear can be addressed. Like getting a tune-up for your car, a service check for your AC helps to ensure it should run smoothly when needed. A pre-season checkup means that your unit is less likely to have problems during the summer months when needed.

Get Changes in Performance Checked

Anytime you notice strange sounds, an unusual smell, or a shift in how the AC operates, have an air conditioning repair technician check it out. Even if it turns out to not be a problem, you’ll have peace of mind and be able to rely on your air cooling system when needed. Minor repairs can be made more conveniently and affordably than waiting for major problems to develop.

Avoid Overusing the AC

An air-conditioned home or office on a hot, muggy day outside feels wonderful. On especially warm days, it can be tempting to ramp up the AC and enjoy the cool air indoors while relaxing or engaged in other activities. However, you can probably turn the AC down or off completely to reduce energy bills and to keep your unit working longer. Obviously, the more you use it, the quicker it could get worn out or need a repair.

Set the Thermostat to Reasonable Levels

Some people run their AC day and night all summer, occasionally adjusting the temperature setting as needed. Instead, take advantage of cooler days and evenings to turn off the AC and open the windows to catch fresh breezes. It helps to turn down or turn off the air conditioner when you are gone several hours at a time as well. Raising the temperature setting by even a couple of degrees can save money and keep the AC running efficiently without overworking.

Although it can be easy to take AC for granted, if it stops working on a warm day, you can quickly find yourself miserable. You can prolong the life of your unit and keep it working reliably by providing routine maintenance and checkups as needed.

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