Green Building

How to save money on your home energy bills

Part of owning a home is finding smart ways to stretch your dollar further than ever. Most homeowners actively seek to save money: they will call around for multiple quotes on that backyard remodeling project or look for ways to lower their home insurance rates. However, if you’re not working to make your home more…

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4 Main Health & Green Building Benefits For Homeowners

There has been a lot of talk around “healthy” and “green building” practices for years now, but what are the actual benefits? THE MANY BENES ​Besides benefiting the environment, the builder and the community at large, green building and remodel projects give the homeowner the following: better durability of the overall completed project energy savings water savings and,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Contractor

Part I: Know the difference between “certified, licensed contractor” and “registered contractor”. We all daydream about upgrading different areas of our homes and in most cases, it stays a daydream. The minute we start thinking about getting started we start having mini panic attacks with questions flowing through our mind; Where do I even start?…

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