Let's talk about your career on the Pathway team.

  • Imagine yourself as being an integral part of an award-winning design-build company.
  • Your knowledge and skills expanding year-over-year.
  • Continuing to grow and excel through educational support including paid trainings, workshops, and events in cutting edge construction practices, and evolving, inclusive design trends.
  • Envision your confidence growing with your wisdom and skill levels when you apply what you’ve learned on the job.

Speaking of “on the job”...

Your health and care in executing the job are at the top of our priority list too. Air quality levels are critical, not only for our clients who live onsite during the construction phase of their remodel but for you as well.

We work to offer the safest, healthiest job sites so you can do your work with all of your focus and care, to the last detail. We’ll teach you how to monitor dust levels, air quality, set up and maintain a working site so all will benefit. That’s just the beginning.

Our Seattle market is experiencing tremendous growth. We serve our neighbors in the Greater Seattle area with pride.

Imagine yourself here with us, making a deep and powerful impact in our community.


At Pathway, we transform people’s homes and help them live the lives they want for themselves and their loved ones.

These are the current job openings:

Construction Salesperson

Construction Salesperson

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