Healthy Remodeling

Considering your health and wellness during the whole remodel.

Many customers live onsite during the course of a remodel project. You may be considering doing so if you're planning a kitchen, bath, or other types of expansion projects for your home.

One thing to consider, and ask about, are the health-focused practices that a contractor monitors during the course of your remodel, especially indoor air quality.

This is something we are very serious about for our customers, as well as our employees and subcontractors.

Dust, particulates, and fumes are all part of a construction project. While we can't get around this fact, we do separate the construction zone from the rest of the living areas... plus we measure the air quality throughout the project.

This practice may be of particular importance if you have a loved one with respiratory concerns.

Use of low- and no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) is another practical way to ensure better air quality and easier "breathability" during a remodel. Low- and zero-VOC products are available as sealants, adhesives, paints, stains, and even cleaners used in construction.

This is a core focus at Pathway Design & Construction.

Ask about our specific methods and tests when we meet.

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Safety Tips During A Remodel

Ensure you have working carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.

Carbon monoxide can be produced from gasoline powered tools so it's important to have devices around to detect that. Fire hazards are another thing to look out for since a lot of different types of electrical tools are used for remodel projects so it's imperative to have smoke detectors in each room and a fire extinguisher handy. It's also important to know that during a renovation things get moved around which could lead to an airway being blocked such as a chimney or even pipes so having proper working detectors is vital to your safety.

Plan ahead for kids and pets

Young children and pets can get curious from time to time. They should stay clear of construction zones when a remodel is taking place. You could set up barriers or gates to block the remodeling zones and things like food, toys, and play areas should be moved if construction is taking place in those areas.

Pregnancy Precautions

It is common for couples to renovate before a new baby is born. Exposing a fetus to harmful dust and fumes could be harmful to the newborn if precautionary measures aren't taken. Make sure you follow proper remodeling procedures given by your contractor.

Follow Up Clean Up

Contractors clean up the construction areas after the remodel is complete but sometimes areas are missed. It doesn't hurt to wipe down and ventilate areas after a remodel project.

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