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Construction during the Winter

In this video, Paul discusses home construction during the winter months. Further Reading: When should you start building or remodeling your home? Winter? Spring? This blog provides brief pros and cons of starting a project in the winter months.

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Green Building Trends

In this video, Paul joins Ben Brashen to discuss some of the new trends and building products available to homeowners looking to go green on their next construction project. Further Reading: Breathing Easy: An Introduction to Healthy Homes This Remodeling Magazine article featuring Pathway Design & Construction, discusses the next big trend that could be…

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Setting Client Expectations

In this video, Paul discusses how he sets client expectations from project pre-planning through completion. Further Reading: Understanding Project Expectations for the Client and General Contractor This article explains what is meant by project expectations for clients and the general contractor and provides four steps to ensuring successful construction project management. Setting Client Expectations for…

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Smells in Your Home

In this video, Paul covers the stinky subject of smelly homes! He covers some common places to search for unpleasant odors such as your bathroom, garbage disposal, dishwasher, refrigerator, carpet, and crawlspace. Further Reading: 7 House Smells You Should Never Ignore This blog posted by Readers Digest, describes ways of identifying odors and explains how…

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How Interior Finishes in Homes Affect Your Health

In this video, Paul explains how interior finishes can affect your health. He discusses VOC levels, floor coatings, and even food prep surfaces. Further Reading: Interior Finishing This article describes how the materials chosen for interior finishing will affect not only aesthetics, but also indoor air quality. It includes the pros and cons of different…

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