Pathway Team Volunteers at Annual LUNGFORCE Walk

Pathway Design & Construction is volunteering at the annual LUNGFORCE Walk fundraising event for the American Lung Association to help raise awareness about lung cancer.

At Pathway Design & Construction, we are passionate about ‘healthy building’ and believe that indoor air quality matters and should be built into every remodel project. It is the reason we tailor our material selections and methods to clients’ chemical sensitivities.

We also promote the importance of healthy air quality wherever possible…. and volunteering at the LUNG FORCE WALK is one way we help raise awareness and funds to fight against lung cancer and for lung health.

Want to join the Pathway team? Bring your family and friends, join our team. RSVP here.

About Olga Lockhart

Olga Lockhart, Marketing Manager for Pathway Design & Construction, researches, analyzes, and writes about these key topics: Universal Design, Aging in Place, Northwest building & Seattle remodeling trends, air quality issues, and solutions, during construction. She's also willing to chat about travel and culture out of the office.

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