How implementing universal design in your home will transform your life for good

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Currently based out of Seattle, WA, we are a fast-growing home remodeling company invested in the art of healthy home remodeling including universal design, aging in place, green building, and sustainable design. If that mouthful sounded overwhelming, don’t panic just yet! Simply put, you’ve found the perfect little corner of the internet to learn everything you need to know about achieving optimal health and wellness in your home.

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A significant part of our company’s mission is to educate our audience on enhancing the way that you live by introducing fast and efficient healthy living practices within your space. We felt that a jam-packed, knowledge-filled blog with the latest tips, tricks and research would be the best way to support the Pathway community in your journey to making your house a home in which you and your family can thrive.

We’ve made our blog easy to navigate with three distinct areas of interest for you to enjoy.

Home Health and Wellness

This collection of articles is for anyone who wants to turn their home into a health-oriented space, with tips on wellness practices and expert guidance on how to complete a home remodel that promotes healthy living. We also outline the latest tools, innovations and practices to help you to find balance and empower you to transform your house into a place where you and your family can flourish. You can look forward to reading about the hottest home and lifestyle topics such as how to remodel your home with wellness in mind, maintain a healthy home without cleaning products, the latest in green building practices and the benefits that they provide for your holistic wellbeing.

Sustainability in the Home

With so much attention around the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, there is a renewed focus on ways to make homes more sustainable. The fact that many people spend most of their time living in their home and (ideally) cooking at home has made it essential for homeowners to incorporate sustainable holistic wellness practices into everyday life. We offer advice on how to gear your home for sustainability including tips on green building materials, sustainable construction, renewable energy sources, and the benefits of going solar. Home remodeling projects can be an excellent way to bring your feng shui to life and have a positive impact on your family's well-being. Our blog explores exciting topics such as biophilic design, eco-friendly materials, and how you can work with your green builder to create an environment that not only meets sustainable construction standards but also promotes health and happiness in your personal oasis.

Home Design Resources

With our expertise in universal design and construction, we take a vested interest in writing about design topics that matter to our community. We focus on areas such as aging in place - which entails choosing a living space that suits your needs as you age, integrating technology in ways that are helpful and adapting your home to suit your unique needs. We also look at the topic of universal design principles, guiding our community on how to design a space in such a way that everyone has equal access to it, regardless of their abilities and preferences and leave you with tips on how to implement sustainable architecture that will make the world of difference to how you function in your space.

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