Modifying your home for aging in place can often leave it feeling like a sterile hospital. But the whole point of making the modifications is so loved ones can feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home. Luckily, there are some key modifications that can not only make your home much more functional but also increase its value.


Remodeling Your Home For Aging In Place

Let’s take a look at some of the key modifications you can make to your home that will make the rooms more accessible and safe for aging in place while facilitating independence


  • Install modern grab bars for lowering onto the toilet or getting into the bath or shower. 
  • Replace your standard toilet with a raised-height one. 
  • Install lever or motion sensor faucets. 
  • Replace your bathtub with a wide walk-in shower. 

Living Areas

  • Install hardwood flooring throughout your downstairs to avoid changes in floor height. 
  • Lower light switches and thermostats to make them more accessible. 
  • Widen doors for easier access for wheelchairs. 
  • Replace door knobs with levers. 

The Kitchen

  • Update your faucets with levers or motion sensors make them much easier to use.
  • Install an oven tower that has a slide-away door.  
  • In cupboards, install lazy susans or pull-out shelves to make food easier to reach. 

The Porch

  • Add a ramp with a modern iron handrail. 
  • Install security lights, cameras, and a video doorbell for added security. 
  • Widen the entrance for easier access.  


How Can A Modification Increase Home Value?

When done with both functionality and design in mind, aging in place modifications can easily increase the value of your home. 

Accessible Entryways

Wide, accessible entryways are an attractive feature of any home. Steps up to the entryway are not only an issue for those in a wheelchair or with mobility issues, families with small children and strollers want easier access too. Therefore, these aging in place modifications can easily add value. 

Modern flooring

As we’ve seen, consistent flooring throughout your home minimizes the risk of trips and falls. But it’s also a great selling feature of a home. Most buyers look for modern, hardwood flooring that runs throughout the home, so this is a good modification to invest in. 

Increased Security

Security systems can be expensive and time-consuming to install. So buyers are attracted to houses that have high-quality security systems already installed. Having video doorbells, security lights, and cameras help you keep loved ones safe at home while making your home appealing to future buyers. 


Have Questions About Aging in Place Modifications?

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