Elegant Condo Kitchen

Water leaks can be frustrating and happen often unexpectedly… especially when the water is coming from your upstairs neighbor!

Once the leak occurred, the homeowners decided that it was the perfect opportunity to create their dream kitchen and entryway. The decision was made and the homeowners went shopping to purchase materials for their renovation.  One problem; they hadn’t hired a contractor yet.  They quickly discovered they would need help building their dream kitchen and entryway which is where we came in.


Create a versatile space that reflects the homeowners’ vibrant personalities where they could cook, work, relax and entertain.

Desired features include:

  1. Color changing LED tape lighting was essential to help create ambiance.
  2. Smaller can lights with updated trim to modernize the lighting.
  3. Disguising a “workspace” into the island design.
  4. Installing a compost bin that doubles as a wine chiller for entertaining.
  5. Separate wine bar.
  6. Installing an intricate piece of mirror art and lighting in the entryway.
  7. Installing custom waved back splash tile.


Creating a working set of construction plans from cabinet drawings was a challenge. The process entailed continuous communication with the clients including several walkthroughs before final installation of each aspect throughout the project.

Incorporating high-gloss and muted surfaces into the space without creating glare from the natural light coming in from many existing windows.

Wavy tile became difficult to install with the desired layout of backsplash outlet style and locations.


The core design issues were resolved with exceptional communication between our field team and the homeowners.

Satin finish countertops and matte paint offset the high gloss cabinetry and backsplash.

Because of the size of tiles in the space, the outlets needed to be cut in the center of the tile to look uniform.  Time and a steady hand made this possible for the best visual result.


Thoughtful execution helped to create a versatile dream kitchen and entry way that also provides an at-home workspace.  This now versatile space is useful and aesthetically pleasing, exceeding the homeowners’ vision. The small details ranging from accent lighting to the compost bin turned wine chiller make this a luxurious statement piece.

Before Photos