Aging In Place & Remodeling For Seniors in Seattle

Aging In Place & Remodeling For Seniors in Bellevue

Living well, aging well, at home.

The difference between our Aging in Place remodel projects and those you might see mentioned elsewhere is that we focus on full remodels planned with a Universal Design approach.

Ours approach is comprehensive, which ensures safety and convenience for those who are aging at home, plus improved property values, and excellent indoor air quality throughout the construction process as well as after.

Our President, Paul Kocharhook, is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) in order to better specifically serve the increasing population of Seattle-area Baby Boomers who want to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

​Developed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), along with the AARP and others, the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) training program certifies building industry professionals to apply Aging in Place modifications to home building and remodeling designs.

There are many modifications we may use in your remodel, including:

Modifications can include:

  • Increased lighting
  • Accessible light switches at both ends of stairs or hallways
  • Lever-style door handles that are easy to reach and operate
  • Additional railings and grab bars
  • Handheld flexible showerheads
  • Non-slip/skid flooring for both traction and cushion
  • Slip-resistant shower and tubs
  • Curbless (walk-in) showers for easy access
  • Wider doorways to allow for wheelchairs
  • Step-free entrance and/or wheelchair ramps

What is Aging In Place?

Remodelers can employ universal design — or “aging in place” design — that melds safe, practical and accessible conveniences with a modern and updated aesthetic. Not only will this make these rooms safer and easier to use, but it could also add value to your home in case you decide to sell it.

What is Universal Design?

“Universal Design is the design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.”

-Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

What areas of my home can I make age-friendly?

Both bathroom and kitchen remodels are great ways to introduce age-friendly design in your home.

These projects are appealing for children of seniors, older adults and Baby Boomers. This type of design functionality can really improve efficiency and create ease for the use of the space, but can also make a space safer as well.