Green Remodeling in Kirkland

Times change and our team at Pathway Design & Construction are motivated to move with it. As the world focuses more on green living, we are already steps ahead of the game by implementing energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and the environmental impact that our products and materials have on the housing industry.

Green Remodeling in Kirkland

We thoroughly research and test every product, material, and practice that we use to confirm that we are following through with our green promise when it comes to green remodeling in Kirkland, Washington.

Our President, Paul Kocharhook, is a Master Certified Green Professional (MCGP) and has recently earned a Healthy Homes for Building Professionals Certification.

Along with green building, it is of great importance that we maintain a high level of indoor air quality as well. With every job that we get called to, we make it a priority to promote good air circulation and ventilation.

Rather than just focusing on superior air quality practices after the completion of our work, we adhere to these same principles throughout the actual remodeling process. This ensures that our clients can live in their homes during construction if they choose to. In addition, our employees performing the work can do so in the healthiest and safest environment possible.

What is A Green Remodel?

Most people are familiar with terms "eco-living", "sustainable living", and "green living". As we face more and more effects of climate change as the years go on, we become more intimate with the green movement. A green remodel is meant to reduce or eliminate the impacts of home building on the climate and nature.

Green building often involves selecting construction materials that are earth-friendly and people-friendly as well as sustainable and non-toxic. Utilizing alternative power sources and efficient appliances are usually included with green remodeling in Kirkland, Washington.

Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective

Remodeling a home with green building principles in mind helps minimize waste since sustainable and recyclable products are used. Many materials left over from home builds end up in landfills but we work to eliminate that. By going green, you help protect forests and wildlife by your reduced carbon footprint.

It should be pointed out that initially, it may cost more upfront when you go green but it certainly saves you money in the long run. Energy efficient upgrades can reduce average yearly costs on bills by nearly 30%. The materials that are used for green remodeling also cost less to maintain and last longer than their non-sustainable counterparts.